Ryan Merket

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor in Austin, Texas πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Ryan has founded three companies, two of which were successfully sold, and he was fortunate enough to join Facebook's Platform team in its early days. He later served as the leader of Ads Products at Reddit and was a member of an elite group of former founders and investors at Amazon AWS for several years. Ryan relocated to Austin six years ago after spending a decade in the Bay Area to be closer to his family and to support startup founders in Texas with Merket Capital. In addition to his professional achievements, Ryan is an active father to his two children and his dog, Wally.

  • Education
    • Oklahoma Wesleyan University
I've met many investors that talk a big deal but don't follow through on their promises. Ryan is an exemplary mentor and investor. He over-delivers on his word and has provided me with connections and meetings that have blown my mind. Anything Ryan does is at near real time, I ask for something and it's in my inbox. Ryan and I happened to be in the Bay at the same time last year and he arranged a meeting with VC I've been trying to connect with for years on a few hours notice"
Marcus Carey, Entrepreneur and Investor
Ryan invested in Allstacks with speed and conviction. I was impressed with how quickly he was able to see the value in what we are doing and then how he brought to bear his leverage to help us close the rest of our round. When Ryan invests in your company he does so with eyes wide open giving you more attention than seems possible for everything he has his hands in."
Hersh Tapadia, CEO/Co-founder of AllStacks
Ryan is one of those rare angels who is actually a guardian angel. You feel comfortable discussing your challenges knowing he won't judge -- instead rally his network, experience and insights to help you break through the challenge and beyond. His perspective on growth is a superpower matched only by his empathy for us as founders. He knows what it's like to be in the trenches..."
Trent Bigelow, CEO/co-founder, Abound, Inc